Stillington VX Club

We don't stand still in Stillington!


First of all, what is VX?

VX is the fastest growing sport in the universe, a sport of honesty, integrity and respect. It was launched in 2006 and has now spread to 25 countries of which 15 have National Governing Bodies. It is fast and furious, being described by the Americans as 'Dodge ball on steroids'. Once you've played it, you absolutely love it.


Stillington VX Club was set up to complement our sister club, Easi-RockIts, so that players from that club could get the opportunity to practise the smaller versions of VX, namely V2, V3 and V4 with two, three and four players respectively. As a result of this, more of our players were able to take part in the V2 World Cup in 2014 and 2015. Stillington also hosts the Easingwold district V2 leagues. We are very grateful for the help from Easingwold Lions for establishing the club. Stillington was delighted to also host the Northallerton VX Club until they were able to find their own accommodation.


Even though Stillington is a young club, we have made an impact and were selected as a training venue for some of the international players attending the V2 World Cup events since 2014. We were also very pleased to welcome the head of VX Uganda, Hasindihe James and the Head Coach of the Ugandan National Squad, Kanyesigye Gerald when they came to the UK at the beginning of 2015.


In August 2015 we were delighted to welcome members of VX India. Sahil Tiwari captain of India VX Squad, Google Boy Kautilya Pandit, Vijay Gupta , Gurkiran Kaur Sohi , Sarwan Singh , Harsimran Kaur Sohi Satish Sharma, Suman Shankar Tiwari who obtained 5th ranking in the World Masters Category and Veena Singla who was ranked 6th in the World Masters Category.




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