Stillington VX Club

Stillington VX Club is a new VX club that focuses on the smaller version of the sport - singles (V2) and doubles (V4).


We were very proud to be selected as a training base for some international players competing in the V2 World Cups.



We usually train once a fortnight on Saturday mornings

Other Information


First session free

Normal session fees £2.00








Stillington VX Club was opened officially in September 2014 by England VX Captain, Tom Hildreth, who was the V2 World Champion in 2012 and 2013. He was also an Olympic Torchbearer in 2012.



Summer 2017


This year the World Cup was held in Albavilla, Italy where Stillington had players competing in the Youth and Masters categories. Matthew Leyshon retained his title for the third year in a row in the Youth category, while Paul Hildreth retained his as the Masters champion for the fourth consecutive year. Karen bruin came third in the Masters.


Spring 2017


Easi had a number of players competing in three of the four age categories at the National Finals - Henry Pittham in the Juniors, defending champion Matthew Leyshon in the Youth Category along with Archie Bell, Ben Stephens and Jack Wells. Paul Hildreth and Karen Bruin were competing in the Masters.


In the Junior category the clear favourite was defending champion Oliver Stocks, however as Henry, the competition's youngest participant, worked his way through the opponents in his group, Oliver could see that the two were set to meet in the final and began to get nervous. The two young lads served up an awesome display of VX, demonstrating incredible skills for such young players. With the score running at neck and neck and the clock counting down Henry took a catch right on the whistle and took the match, and the title by two points!


Meanwhile in the Youth category Matthew Leyshon was working his way through his opponents in defence of his title. He won his group to find himself in the final to face the formidable Jess Porter who was runner-up in the 2016 V2 World Cup. In the ranking matches Archie, Ben and Jack all gave good accounts of themselves. Ben claimed a National ranking of 10, Archie of 7 and Jack of 6. In the final Matthew, as usual, went straight onto the attack with his high-energy game. Jess fought back hard but at half time Matthew had built up a lead of 13 points. This is not a lot in V2 so in the second half he re-doubled his efforts, putting Jess on the defensive and taking the match 60-44 to retain his title.


The following day, Easi's representatives were in the Masters' (40+) category which took the form of a round-robin. Paul was first up against the rapidly-improving Dave Snowdon, but Paul was able to keep Dave at a distance, control the match and win comfortably by virtue of six catches 63-38. Karen's first match was against Leigh Branton who had beaten her in the World Cup. Karen had prepared hard for this competition and was delighted to turn the tables on Leigh and record a 46-35 win. She then beat the tournament's oldest competitor, Ricky Gibson and Paul also beat Leigh. With them both having won two matches the head to head suddenly became crucial. The two are well-matched and Paul's first half-lead of a mere 4 points showed this, the main difference being a single catch. The second half saw much of the same but another catch helped Paul increase his lead and he took the match by 11 points in what he said was one of his toughest Masters' matches to date. Paul then beat Ricky to take the title and leave Karen to fight for second place in her match against Dave Snowdon. Dave took the match to Karen, playing a close-quarter game and not letting her settle to her normal style of play. He finally took the match by 10 points to leave second place to be decided by strike difference. Unfortunately for Karen, Leigh's strike difference was better by 2 and he sneaked second place to leave Karen with the 3rd place medal.























I've got my new magnetic signs to promote the club for my car now!

Karen receiving a cheque from the Chair of Easingwold Lions. June 2016.

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